Ladies & Gentlemen, Am Bamu Gift by name aka Crypto Master.

The hour to making unending money from Web3.0 has come. 

If you are a Doctor, Banker, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Student, Imam, Pastor, Politician, Farmer, Old, Young, Employed or unemployed, then BNB Paradise is just the perfect opportunity to earn passive income on daily basis.


With over 9years of experience in the crypto space, I can confidently tell you that making money is extremly easy as ABC. Even a child can do that. 

With all the experiences i’ve been able to gather, I’ve come to realise that you can comfortably make money online if you have some level of control over your investment. 

This boils down to what we call Web3.0.

Even before I dig into what web3,0 is all about, let me draw your attention that Web1 and Web2 have been in existance and is still existing.

Just so you know, Web1 and Web2 have its own limitations. thats why Web3.0 had to be envented to scale the whole process.


Web1 – Static Web page = First generation of internet (Read only information) that was around 1971

The earliest stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution is referred to as Web 1.0. The original intention of Web 1.0 was to make information public for anyone, and set up an online presence. Personal web pages were common, consisting mainly of static pages. At the time of Web 1.0, we only had static pages hosted, read-only functions were presented at this stage.

One of the best examples of Web 1.0 is MySpace and LiveJournal, these websites were mostly of a personal nature and did not have much of a corporate presence as today’s sites do.


Web2 – Social Web = 2nd generation of internet ( Read Information + Interact with the platform) this came around 2004

Web 2.0, known as the second stage of the internet, is described as the wisdom, people-centric, participative, and dynamic web. Unlike Web 1.0, Web 2.0 allows more control to users, owner and it also includes the growth of social media as an important type of internet communication. This has led us to a social web where we aren’t just “reading” information from websites. Now, we’re interacting with it.

To name the best example, Facebook basically features most of the characteristics of Web 2.0, where it revolves around social connectivity and interactivity, users may publish photos and texts on their Facebook account to enhance creativity.

Some other examples:
Social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter)
Investment platforms (mmm, royalq, twinkas, givers forum, solmax, cotp, etc….)
Trading platforms (,, bit, etc…
Betting platforms (nairabet, 9jabet, baba ijebu, 1xbet etc….)
The owner of web2.0 can decide to do anything with this kind of platform crash, shutdown, scam, deceive, steal, misinformation anytime any moment.
Centralization comes into place. Anything centralized can easily be manipulated. You are even capable of loosing your entire money.



Web3 = 3rd gen of internet (Read + write/interact + own) (Freedom & power to the people).

Web 3.0 is a vision for the next phase of the internet’s development that imagines a decentralised ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is the third generation of the internet where websites and apps will be able to process information in a smart human-like way through technologies like decentralised ledger technology (DLT) and machine learning (ML). The attractiveness of Web 3.0 is that it is decentralised, which empowers individual users. By harnessing the power of big data and machine learning, it has become known as the ‘semantic web’, where user data and behaviour is analysed and used to deliver a more personal web browsing experience. Web 3.0 will be born out of a natural evolution of older-generation web tools combined with cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain technology.

Examples of Web 3.0 applications include Wolfram Alpha and Apple’s Siri, which can summarise large amounts of information into knowledge and useful actions for people.

In sum, Web 3.0 will bring us an unbiased internet by enabling the individual to be a sovereign. Undoubtedly, Web 3.0 is a reality that will gradually penetrate our homes and daily activities, streamlining work and daily life.

Web3 comes with things like;
Smart Contract 
And Lots more…..
Web3 is the future.  Love it. Live with it. Learn it. Invest in it. Make great fortunes from it. Grow from it. 
 Be in control of your investment.  That’s what Web3, De-Fi is all about.  It gives power to investors.



BNB Paradise is a decentralized staking application (dApp) that allows users to invest in a reward pool using BNB coin. The dApp has three main functions: Stake (Invest), Compound (Reinvest), and Withdraw (Cashout). Referral Link can be used to receive a 15% bonus on staked made by the people you refer directly, 2% in your 2nd Rank and 1% in your 3rd Ranks each time your referrals refer their own people. The base R.O.I is 2%-3% per day. The more BNB coins you invest, the more Angels you will have.

The Next Big Money Printer ON The Binance Smart Chain

How Much Will I Earn Daily?

BNB Paradise pays aprox. 2-3% daily, according to the current staking efficiency rate. The staking efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other users stake to buy Angels, compound earnings and Withdrawing your earnings.

The Best Way To Earn BNB Is To Stake On BNB PARADISE


BNB Paradise has some unique features like NFTCoin and Charity launching soon. 

There is nothing as important as earning passive income. You can only predict your future once you have something that works for you while you sleep.

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