How I Made Over N70m In 6Months From Vitalik’s Kitchen

Ladies & Gentlemen, 

I’m about to share a live changing story that will trigger you to work out your way to success.

The honest truth is that, making money is extremly easier as simple as ABC…. Even a child can do it.

I will show you how i was able to move from Zero to Hero in just 6months. 

I was able to turn a tiny Investment into over N70,000,000 ($100,000 approx.) within 6months.

I’m Bamu Gift by populary known as CRYPTO MASTER.

Friends, I was born from a very poor home where eating one square meal was a big problem.

Just so you know, growing as a child, I noticed something was wrong, but i never knew what exatly the problem was the challenges. I felt I deserve to eat 3times a day but there was no food to eat up to that number.

As a little boy then, i really hated school. I will rather spend the whole day in the farm hunting for what to eat; raw cassava, cracking palm kenel, sweet potatos, guava etc…

For me, life meant nothing more than food.

At the age of 14, I was already on the streets for real time hustles. I did all manners of job so i could survive as a student. 

At the age of 19, I wasn’t longer comfortable with the garbages the school system was teaching me. I had to drop out and hustle for a meaningful life.

After breaking out from school as an under graduate, the society made me to believe that i can never become successful if i did not not go through academy. I jumped into the job market and all i could get as salary was based on my school qualifications.

I worked for some couple of years with an average salary of N12,000 to N24,000. I still noticed i was living in the past.

I decided to quit my job as a french teacher to pursue the entreprenuerial lifestyle.


Life Began as a self employed with some debts I owe.

Mehn, I realised that life has become even more tougher than what I thought. I was sick, broke and stupid. I tried all kinds of business both online and offline to see which one will axatly work for me. I hawked on the streets of Kano state selling herbal products during the day. Then trade cryptocurrency and offering training at night. I had to over stress myself so i can make earns meet. Life Doesn’t give a f**k guys.

In 2017, I became an all time millionaire. I Lost it all before the end of 2018. In 2020, I jumped into another Millions of Naira. this time around, I had a girlfriend and I decided to get married to her. 

Udeme Gift, at that time was my Business partner, secretary and girlfriend who owns a school who will someday become my wife. Smiles….

A week to my wedding sometime June 2021, I lost millions and I was left with nothing. it was just as if the world was coming to an end. I had to encourage myself. 


The Family Journey Life Began.

Here, I am with my beautiful wife stairing at each other after the wedding and thinking what to do that will bring crazy money.

We Jumped into Crypto futures trading and made over $60,000 within a short period of time. funny enought, by November of that same year 2021, we lost all the money still on  the same futures trading. We could barely live the lifestyle we use to live.


N70m Breakthrough 

In May 2022, I saw an amazing an Opportunity called Vitalik’s Kitchen trending on one of the telegram group and belong. I quickly grabbed the link, opened it and read through the site. I noticed something unique and special about it. It was a Web, De-Fi, Smart Contract, Crypto, Blockchain based Business.

This really ignited my curriosity to want to know more.

I took my time to read throught every single line of code. the code was made verified, open source and made public on the blockchain technology.

The reason i took my time to read throught the code was to check whether there was any backdooor or any vulnerability in the smart contract. 

The Code passed my exam. This means that there was no backdoor or vulnerability. In a layman english, Backdoor means that the founder can not drain or run away with investors funds. Vulnerability means that no hacker can use brute force to steal investors funds. All investors funds are securely stored on a distributed blockchain technology.

My wife and I Invested all the little money we had and decided to share the opportunity with our friends, relatives, leaders, community, etc….

I immediately started making youtube videos.

Vitalik’s Kitchen promises to pay 0.5% to 3% ROI of whatever amount of money you  invest on daily basis for a duration period of 365days.


Passive Income / Return On Investment

I so much believe in the power of Leveraging and compound interest.

The first month, of the business, my wife and I got saw some crazy monthly returns. Live started coming back into us. 

In the second month of the business, we got mad at the crazy returns we were getting on daily basis. I chosed to go full time into the business. 

I leveraged on my the people i have. Throught the referral program, I was able to built a great fortune. The system promises a 10% direct commission on Level1, then a juicy 2% on your Level2, and a cool 1% commission on your Level3. 


Referral Commission / Residual Income


Leve1 = 10%

Level2 = 2%

Level3 = 1%

Within 4months in the business, we have already made over N40,000,000 ($54,000).

This time around, I had promised myself never to be poor again if money ever enter my hands.

I was Flying first class Jet, spending most of my time in a Luxury hotel, spending money like a don’t care.

Then, by the time we clocked 6months into the business, I’ve already made over N70,000,000 ($100,000 Aprox.)

Throught Vitalik’s Kitchen earnings, my wife and I decided to open a School, Purchase a Jeep, Relocate to a better place, Build a 6bedroom apartment, open a restaurant for ourselve.

As I speak, We currently have multiple streams of income. Thanks to God who brought Vitalik’s Kitchen Web3 Investment Platform our way.


Friends, Vitalik’s Kitchen is the only best income system in 2023 and beyond. This is the only system where you can invest with your comfortability and still have your peace of mind.

The good thing about this investment platform is that you are in full control over your investmen. This is first of its kind and its incredible.


I encourage you to start Vitalik’s Kitchen today. join the moving train. This is an online system where financial freedom is acheivable. 

You can make Life Changing money in a matter of months.



Vitalik’s Kitchen is a 100% fully Decentralized BNB Mining investment dApp. It simulates gold mining, but instead of gold, you will actually mine BNB coins. 
The base ROI is 0.5-3% per day. You hire miners (Chefs), and they do the work for you while you sleep. The more BNB coins you invest, the more miners (Chefs) you will be able to hire.

How to Invest in Vitalik’s Kitchen?

I’ve provided a guideline on how to invest in this platform. once you invest, you will start making money instantly. the withdrawal is also instanly. you are in fully control over everything. 

Click Here to Get Started Now


What Makes Vkitchen Unique?

Vitalik’s Kitchen is the most sustainable BNB De-Fi Miner with an Eco-system that combines a DEX, P2E, NFTs and an Incubation program! 



➤ EARN 0.5% – 3% ❖Daily Return On Investment❖
❖APR❖ ➤ EARN Up to 1,095% For 365 Days 
NOTE: No Mandatory Referral. Your money work for you while you sleep

❖Referral Bonus❖ 

➤LEVEL1 10%, 
➤LEVEL2 2% 
➤LEVEL3 1%

💰Nutritional Facts:

❖ Passive Income Guaranteed (0.5% TO 3%)
❖ No Certificate Needed 
❖ No Experience Needed 
❖ Instant Withdrawal 
❖ Web3.0 Protocol 
❖ Blockchain  Based
❖ Unending Rewards 
❖ No Mandatory Referral
❖ 100% fully Decentralized Smart Contract 
❖ Contract fully Verified
❖ DeFi Automated 
❖ Residual Income (1Lv 10%, 2Lv 2%, 3Lv 1%)
❖ No Vulnerability/Backdoor 
❖ Community Based Focus 

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