WP Affiliate Suite Review – I Wish I knew This When I First Started

wp affiliate suite

Affiliate marketing has gotten extremely popular and for good reason.. 

  • The Untold Story

What other sources of income allow you to work on your own schedule, at your own pace being your own boss with the opportunity to earn as much as you want?

Ladies and Gentle Men,

Before I write a fair review about WP AFFILIATE SUITE, I will love you to read a little about my untold Story and why you need this video course.

My Name is Bamu Gift

I lost my Mom when I was 10 months old and my Dad at the age of 13. May their souls rest in peace.

If you are someone who was born from a poor family, then your story is not different from mine.

I was studying mechanical engineering and could not even finish my secondary School because my uncle didn’t have the money that I could further my education.

As a school drop out, I was on a search for jobs. I needed something to do so I can sustain myself. I did all manners of work which I ended up teaching French.

I noticed I was living in the past because of the debts I kept involving myself into. Funny enough, the debts was for feeding.

More to that, My salary was coming late. So, I noticed I was living a life of hand to mouth.

I got angry with myself and decided to quit my job to start my own business.

This time around, I was ready to do any business that could bring money on the table. I did multi level Marketing and many other schemes which they all sucked.

I had to move on to search for another thing.

I then discovered Cryptocurrency and decided to hook myself on it which I’m still doing till present day.

Cryptocurrency is a lucrative business but it has its pros and cons.

One of the cons is that it’s very volatile. This alone makes your income unpredictable.

What even made me to look for affiliate marketing as a source of income is that I loss over $22,000 during the market crashed.

As a young Married Entrepreneur,  I had to search for an alternative way of making money online and I came across WP AFFILIATE MARKETING SUITE through a friend of mine. ReadMore About This Course

I thought WP AFFILIATE MARKETING SUITE was just like any other “how to make money online”  course full of lies. Until I had to try it myself.

So in this Review, I will be writing what this course is all about and how it can be of great help to you just as it did to me.

Note: You don’t need to have any knowledge about WordPress or Marketing Strategies before getting started. Every thing WPAS has been simplified in such a way that even a little child can do it.

  • Overview

Vendor: Chris Derenberger
Product: WP Affiliate Suite
Launch Date: 2020-Feb-03
Launch Time: 09:00 EST
Price: $16.95
Recommend: Highly Recommend
HomePage: https://www.wpaffiliatesuite.com/
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Affiliate MarketingWordPress


  • What is WP Affiliate Suite? 

WP Affiliate Suite Course

WP Affiliate Suite is a series of HQ videos that will teach you how to build a long-term and sustainable affiliate marketing business using WordPress and low cost fee. 

You don’t have to spend much money as a beginner, once you Purchase this course for $16, you will automatically  get an already made website to kick start your money making journey immediately. the website is  an SEO optimized affiliate marketing WordPress theme.  

This course can make your life much easier and financially better even if you’re a complete newbie to affiliate marketing.


  • Features/Use Cases

WP Affiliate Suite is a complete A-Z course on affiliate marketing. You will also be shown on how to import your already made affiliate websites using WordPress into your hosted domain. You get the point now? No more Dev hiring

Look at the amazing features you are going to get

  1. Complete A-Z affiliate training
  2. Step-by-step WordPress training
  3. A loaded custom WP theme is included
  4. Blueprint with ranking case study
  5. Reliable & long-term affiliate system
  6. Perfect for complete beginners & experts
  7. 25 + and growing 1080p HD tutorials
  • Benefits

Let’s look at what you actually get inside this course.  At first I wasn’t expecting much simply because it only costs $16.95. 

The training sections are broke up so it’s super easy to find exactly what you need to learn even if you want to skip some videos.  

  • Affiliate Marketing & Proof
  • How Affiliates Make Money
  • What is Launch Jacking
  • Affiliate Networks to Join
  • Getting Approved For Networks
  • Researching Niches & Products
  • Choosing The Right Keywords

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you now see the reason this course is worth taking a try?

Let me still shock you with another breaking news of what you are going to learn. I must be honest with you, you don’t need to pay anyone to build your website for you because every step on how to go about it is there for you.

See what I’m saying.

  • Importance of Web Hosting
  • Picking a Domain Name
  • Buy Hosting and Domain
  • Installing WordPress
  • Create a Website Email
  • Importing The WP Theme
  • Username, Password & Email
  • Important Settings
  • WP Plugins Overview
  • Customize Theme
  • Categories & Menus
  • Opt-In Newsletter
  • Writing Articles and Reviews
  • Results + Being Realistic
  • Cloaking Affiliate Links
  • Banners and Ads
  • Getting Your Posts Indexed
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Checklist PDF

The sweetest thing about this course is that, they are all in video format. making it more comprehensive to beginners.

The WordPress training covers in detail, how to use this theme and edit it to your liking.  You’ll learn how to get a domain name, hosting, set it all up, import the theme and make any changes to it you want to make it unique.


  • Jackpot

Thinking of how to get the right headline and words that will match is not that easy. But with the help of this course, you will be able to write an article about a product without having to worry yourself.

You will Master the Art of:

  • Types of keywords to focus on
  • Using affiliate links to your advantage
  • And much more..

Pros & Cons

I’ve spoken more than enough. but let me still make myself clear to you about this product.


  • This course is newbie friendly
  • It’s a very detailed training for both affiliate training and WordPress training
  • There is a Library WordPress themes included for your selection
  • You will get a Dedicated support including myself.
  • This product is taught by a real marketer who have been through all the difficulties in affiliate marketing


  • You need a smooth internet connection
  • Your action, time and dedication are the cons I’ve figured out from this course.

Who Should Use WP Affiliate Suite?

Given the fact that this is a money making skill, anyone with an internet connection is set to jump into this course without wasting any further time of thinking whether to join or not.

This product is 100% suitable for anyone tired and sick of the 9h-5d rat race. Join me let’s  build a long term and sustainable affiliate marketing business from scratch together.

Click Here to Start Affiliate Marketing Today. wpaffiliatesuite.com


Airdrop (Giveaway)

If you use my link to purchase this course, I will give you a special Bonus Reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with WP AFFILIATE SUITE.


I will also support you in setting up your website. All you just need to do is to contact me after purchasing this course.


The Sales Funnel Plan of Action (You will get it from me for free)


  • Alternative

This platform was created to give readers the best buying decision. In case you WP Affiliate Suite does not suit your requirement, you may as well check MAT1.

If choosing option 2 is your desire, then don’t worry because this is your final bus stop.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is inside MAT1

Breakdown of what you are going to benefit from MAT1 course.

You can get MAT1 for only $16.73

  1. 52 Weekly Training lessons
  2. Step by Step Checklists

To Learn More About MAT1, Kindly Click Below 


  • Conclusion

Thanks for reading my WP Affiliate Suite Review.

Here’s my final thoughts.  If you want a REAL affiliate marketing business, you need to learn how to build your own website.  Sure there are plenty of “get rich quick” type apps that will create and manage your sites for you, but you have NO CONTROL over most of them or the content they add.

With WP Affiliate Suite, you get the training you need to not only build your own WP site, but how to grow a long-term and sustainable affiliate marketing business that you can be proud of to call your own.

Honestly, I wish I had found something like this years ago.


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